7 Ideas to Add a Touch of Luxury to Every Room in Your Home

There are so many things that remind us of the finer things in life, and those things include experiencing luxury at a five-star hotel and falling asleep between lavish sheets at a top-tier holiday rental.

But we don’t need to wait to have that lavish feeling for a special occasion. You can add luxurious touches that are easy and can change your life in a big way.

Here are simple ways to add a hint of five-star decadence to your home:

  1. A plush bed

One of the few things that can guarantee a good night’s sleep is a stylish and lush bed. Arrange it as a main point of your bedroom, starting with a supportive mattress and then layered it with touches of comfort such as plump down pillows, a woollen underlay between Egyptian cotton sheets and your mattress and
a weather-fitting doona.

  1. Elegant lighting

All high-star hotels or luxury homes have one thing in common: well-lit rooms with lavish chandeliers, wall sconces, art lights, floor lamps and mood lighting.

You can do a simple lighting makeover by replacing your overhead lights with modern fixtures, and consider installing a dimmer for mood lighting.

  1. Fresh flowers

A lot of people think that flowers are only for special occasions, but there is no reason not to have beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers in your home all the time. Flowers give your home colour, life, perfume and texture, and can transform a worn-out looking space into a much-loved home.

Bloom shouldn’t necessarily be expensive; garden-picked flowers serve the same purpose and more!

  1. Art pieces

People feel like they’ve had it made if they can buy art. If you want to hang art in your home, choose an artist that you love or a piece that you’ve purchased during one of your travels.

Art triggers memories and feelings, so it is a very personal investment. Begin with small art pieces and only choose what you love.

  1. Tasteful mirrors

Mirrors add elegance in a space, with their ability to reflect natural light and transform a room just by changing its depth of field. Interior designer experts say, “the bigger the mirror, the better!”

  1. Experiment with soothing scents and soft tunes

Luxury should be a complete sensory experience. When you walk into your home, your mind and senses should feel invigorated. You can create your own sanctuary by adding touches of sensory sparks in every space in your home with things such as relaxing music, a diffuser with the scent you love, as well as tactile furnishings and crisp towels.

  1. Coordinating cutlery

Store your old cutlery or give them away. A cutlery drawer full of old, mismatched cutlery broadcasts “student pad.” It’s time to separate yourself from your old cutlery and invest in new silverware that will elevate your daily home dining experience, not just to be used during your annual dinner parties.