6 Ways to Design the Perfect Entertaining Area

When designing your outdoor entertaining area, consider how you want to interact with the space. From planning your kitchen layout to choosing essential appliances, here are tips on how to create the perfect entertaining outdoor space.

  1. Decide on your kitchen layout

Determine how you want to utilise the space and plan based on it. While the size of the area will influence many things, the next thing you need to think about is the cooking area, or the barbeque, and the table/sitting area.

There are now apps that can help you plan your cooking area. These apps provide you a variety of options, including different colour templates and barbeques. You can also get help deciding on whether you want drawers, a fridge, wok burners or a sink.

  1. Your must-have appliances

Whatever you envision for your outdoor entertaining area is possible – whether you just want a barbeque and a table or you dream of a kitchen with all the works.

There is a broad range of options for wok burners, fridges and sinks. Even a simple barbeque will have tons of available features and options.

Make sure your outdoor space is functional and fits your lifestyle. If you love alfresco, you don’t have to cook indoors again.

  1. Put up a cover

Covering your outdoor area will allow you to use it all-year round. It will keep your kitchen area clean, ensuring that your appliances and outdoor furniture last longer.

The shade also offers extra protection from the weather for you and your guests. It also helps preserve the longevity of your outdoor kitchen.

  1. Ensure good ventilation

Your outdoor area will need plenty of space for walls. Barbeque areas must be well ventilated and you could encounter a problem with installation if your area lacks space. Regulations state that outdoor gas appliances need to have at least 50% permanently open wall area.

If you’re considering blinds, they are considered as permanently closed.

  1. Install good outdoor lighting

Outdoor entertaining area needs good lighting because it is not only used during the daytime. You should be able to cook comfortably whether it is day or night.

If you’re doing nighttime entertaining, you want the lighting to create the mood and also allow you to see what you’re cooking on the barbeque.

  1. Think of the social aspect

The perfect outdoor area will not force you to shuffle back and forth from the indoors to the outdoors, especially if you’re entertaining.

Aside from allowing you to cook in one place, your outdoor kitchen should also have storage space and other useful features. So, it is worth considering adding a sink, a fridge, and then being able to simply turn around from the barbeque grill to the dining area.

People chat while sitting around waiting for food, and you shouldn’t miss out on all the fun because you’re cooking.