5 Major Wardrobe Fails and How to Correct Them

How do you know you have a messy issue in your wardrobe? You can’t get dress every morning without feeling like you have just been in a fight.  Let’s face it, if any mess started in your closet, it is inevitable that more mess will happen.

We ask the experts to help you identify and fix the mistakes you have been making in your closet.

  1. Mistake: Using a wardrobe that doesn’t fit your needs
    Remedy: Know all the things you own

The experts say that the first thing you need to do to have an organised wardrobe is to remove everything from it.

To determine the wardrobe that best fits your needs, go over all your clothes and group the items together so you get an idea of how much space you need to allocate for long clothing, and for tops and pants.

  1. Folding too many clothing
    Remedy: Reduce air space and “categorise” your clothes

Experts recommend that if you have adjustable shelves in your wardrobe modify the shelves to move them closer together. Doing this will prevent your clothes from piling up and cause needless mess. You can even create extra shelving or new hanging space, depending on how much space is left.

You can also use containers or cubes. For clothes that you use quite often, you can use transparent, acrylic-style storage in order to store similar items together and use it like a drawer.

“File” your clothes instead of piling them up on top of each other. By doing this, you can get what you need without taking everything out. For example, place in one container similar items like sleeveless tops, T-shirts, cardigans and jumpers.

  1. Mistake: Showing off the clothes you don’t need at the moment
    Solution: Store them in an upper storage space with labelled inserts

There is a storage space built into the top of most wardrobes. Use this space to keep items that you rarely wear, like clothes for special occasions and seasonal clothing. Once again, use labelled storage containers to keep your items organised and easily accessible.

  1. Mistake: Improper organising of hanging space
    Solution: Just think that you’re shopping for your clothes

Experts say that people that go inside a retail store are likely to be drawn to clothes on hangers because they can see the whole thing.

So, it is recommended that you organise your wardrobe as a store would. What this involves is using hangers that are similar and sorting clothes based on type. Those who are extra organised can even arrange their clothes based on type and colour.

You should also factor in the style of hanging space when you’re figuring out how to show off your clothes and what type of hanger to use. For example, a double handing section is best utilised by folding your long pants over the hanger to cut their length, and clip hangers for shorts or skirts.

  1. Mistake: Shoes that are out of your sight
    Remedy: Utilise tilted racks or shelves

The best way to store your shoes is on a higher shelf from the bottom, depending on the design of your wardrobe.

For example, if you have shelving that you want to use as a shoe rack, place the back peg of the shelf higher up than the front to create a tilt. The other option is use the bottom of your long hanging section as a room for an expandable shoe rack.

You know the old saying, right???  “Out of sight; out of mind”.  The end goal is to make sure all of your things are placed where you can see them.