5 Home Features You Should Upgrade Before Selling

From new paint to simply making your yard neat and tidy, learn what focus-areas I recommend and tasks that will have a hefty influence without breaking the bank.

Find out what buyers are looking for, and how your home can meet their expectations.

  1. The Walls

Painting is always a priority because for each dollar you spend on painting, you are most likely to recoup over a thousand.

So what right colours do I recommend?

Choose neutral colours, but avoid the colours becoming too plain. Many shades of white are available, so what you choose will be determined by the amount of light your space gets, and the tones of furniture and floors.

If you change your flooring, take into account the paint as well, and vice versa. White tones will reflect the flooring’s colour.

  1. The Floor

Changing flooring is not simple, but there are times the present flooring is tattered and dirty. If your carpet is 20 years old, it’s going to gain a lot from an upgrade.

Picking new flooring for a property for sale should be influenced by the type of home and what kind of buyer you are targeting. For example, if you’re selling a home to attract home buyers (versus investors), then you have to show that in the flooring. I’d recommend choosing a really good engineered floorboard rather than a hard wearing vinyl.  If you are targeting property investors, choose quality, reasonably priced flooring, like an inexpensive laminate.

For carpets, both tenants and buyers still prefer softness when they step into their bedroom or upstairs areas. If you are appealing to investors who will eventually rent out the property, choose low-maintenance, stain-resistant carpets like the synthetic dyed nylon varieties. Choose something more luxurious – to appeal to people who are purchasing their forever home.

Lastly, consider the architecture and style of the remaining spaces of your home when choosing a colour or floor style. Consider the light in the spaces and the architecture of the home, as some homes benefit from a lighter or darker flooring depending on the period of style.

  1. The curb appeal

Street appeal is crucial because people often drive past a property before they have even determined if they’re going to its open inspection.

De-clutter and throw away any unnecessary objects, fix or mend fencing, plant some colour, mulch the garden then paint the front door and letterbox.

  1. The kitchen

We all know, what sells homes are kitchens and bathrooms. However, before you completely demolish your kitchen, find out if a renovation is more fitting.

If you’re going to remodel your kitchen, ensure that it is going to be reflected in the sale price. If not, then clean all surfaces and select some well chosen styling items.

If in any doubt, consult with me. It’s important not to over spend if you’re not going to get a return on your investment.

  1. The lighting as well as the windows

Clean your windows!   Allow people to see your yard and feel a connection to their potential home.  I also recommend trimming back any trees that block views or light. Most buyers place a high priority on a well-lit home.

Check your light fittings and update them if necessary.


Now take a tour of your home and see what improvements can be made to increase the sale price.  Remember, if you need help or advice, I’m just a call away!


Annette has been servicing the Newcastle and the Lake Macquarie regions and has been offering her clients sound recommendations and  professional advise since opening One Agency Pinkerton Properties in 2013.   If you found this article helpful or know someone who may benefit from it, feel free to share it.