4 Decorating Pieces That You Need to Invest In

If you’re redecorating or wishing to purchase new furnishings, here are some tips to help you properly allot your hard-earned cash. The trick is choosing quality pieces that will last a long time – regardless of your taste or home changes.

Here are four classic pieces that just have to be included in your redecorating budget.

  1. A Great Lounge

The hero piece in any living space and a real investment is the lounge. The perfect lounge has to be functional, not just beautiful. It should be the right size, the right comfort-level and the right look.

You can find lounge products that can be tailored according to your preference in size, shape, colour and comfort. The modular parts of these lounges can be adjusted to fit any space, changing effortlessly into several shapes that include shelving and storage. This flexibility will serve you well down the road as it can adapt to your changing lifestyle. So when you change your address, the lounge can move with you.

Pro tip: Don’t follow trends; pick a lounge in a neutral colour palette as it is timeless.

  1. Artworks

With so many cheap, mass produced wall art in the market, people can overlook the fact that quality artwork is a good investment.

Purchasing from a trustworthy art gallery means your art piece may increase in value. Even if there is no assurance, there are legitimate methods to resell a reputable artwork in the future rather than selling it on Facebook Marketplace for $10.

The sole disadvantage is that you need to shell out the initial cost, which could reach a minimum of $3000-$10,000.

If you decide to buy from a reputable small gallery, which is a good place to start, you can benefit from schemes like Art Money, which offers zero-interest loans to support Australia’s art industry.

In Australia, you can also find some of the world’s first and best abstract art forms through its indigenous communities. Check out the Indigenous Art Code or Desart to look for good and reputable recommendations.

  1. A Big Rug

The right pieces to invest in are those that are both functional and beautiful. They can jazz up a room while also providing a purpose. For example, rugs serve as insulation for a room or protection for floorings, but can also help spice up a room with refreshing colours, patterns or textures.

Rugs can be expensive, particularly those hand-woven pieces or woollen fabric. Luckily, there are good quality rugs that can last for 20 years or more if you care for them properly, so your money is worth it.

When choosing a rug, opt for a style or colour that is adaptable – and one that is really to your taste. Darker or subdued colours of red, green or blue are likely to complement several different styles and can be changed to fit various looks and spaces. Unlike most lighter colours, marks are less likely to show in darker shades.

To prolong its life, choose simple patterns. 

  1. A Statement Chair

If your living space or bedroom needs an armchair, show your creativity in terms of form or colour. An armchair can effortlessly be a decorative accent and a cozy space to sit.

If you’d like a classic piece, invest in a tub chair that is stylish and doesn’t occupy a large space in your living area, home office or bedroom.

You can also get creative with materials. If you fancy the Hamptons style, you can experiment with an armchair without your living area becoming full of rattan. Likewise, you may want to avoid a big velvet couch, but a couple of velvet armchairs will add character without being overpowering.

Most of all have a little fun and create a unique style that your buyers are going to like, feel comfortable with and will remember your home for!