Why Autumn is a Great Time To Sell

Spring is usually suggested the best time of the year to sell property. However for the past 10 years our office finds that the most and best sales are in Autumn and usually coincides with Easter.

Let me explain why.

By the time Autumn approaches, most people are over the disruption of Christmas, New Year, holidays and getting the kids back to school. Autumn also occurs just before the end of the financial year around Easter. This can prod buyers into looking and preparing for tax concessions and Easter provides some time off work and normal routines to make this happen.

Hot Buyers
Unlike Spring, where open homes can attract curious people wanting to get out into the warmer weather, Autumn attracts a more serious buyer who is focused on a result rather than just filling in time. These buyers have have made the time to research, plan, budget and strategise and are focused on the result.

Less Competitors
Most sellers still believe that Spring is the best time to sell and as a result the market is usually flooded from September onwards which leads to an oversupply of properties resulting in a buyers’ market. So when Autumn rocks around, things tend to settle. With fewer properties on the market this drives buyer competitiveness, maximising the seller’s chance of achieving the best sale price possible. Which is why we strongly recommend selling in Autumn.

Beautiful Weather
Autumn in Newcastle is sensational. Not too hot and not too cold. An ideal time for selling. Your buyers will feel comfortable and feel confident that they won’t have to fight the elements.

Street Appeal
Think about how nature looks and feels in Autumn. The trees are changing colours, and most gardeners are aware that plants are now preparing for winter, becoming dormant and so it’s the perfect time to tidy up the garden with little ongoing maintenance.

Get Ready for an Autumn Sale
An Autumn sale means there will be less maintenance for your weekly open homes oter than raking or blowing fallen leaves. Once you’ve prepared your property for the launch, keeping it tidy is less work for the sellers. The grass and gardens grow slower, there’s not as much rainfall to dirty the windows either. When it comes to the interior, it should be impeccably clean and decluttered with the light on and the blinds and windows open. But also think about bringing in some seasonal accessories like throws, cushions and layering your bed to make buyers feel welcomed and at home.

Don’t Let the Holidays Put You Off
Whilst many potential buyers could leave town for Easter, don’t let this stop you from launching. In fact, it gives you the opportunity to go away too and leave the house beautifully presented for your agent and when buyers are on holidays it gives them more time to find your property online and contact the agent.

Determine if Autumn is Right for You
We know Autumn is the best season to sell but deciding to come to the market will depend on the property, its surroundings and location too. For example, if your home looses light and becomes dark and cold due to it proximity to a large building, tree or hills then Autumn may not be the right time for you to sell. Or you may have to adapt a strategy of opening the mornings only.

The best strategy when selling is to use an experienced real estate agent who identifies and understands your particular situation. At One Agency Pinkerton Properties you are not only getting an experienced agent, you are also getting the owner of the business.

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