What’s Trending in Bathrooms This Year?

From simple materials like wood and concrete to luxurious materials and high-quality finishes, there are many ways to make your bathroom look fabulous this year.

Here are the top bathroom trends for this year if you are considering updating this important area in your home:

  1. Timber vanities and wood finishes

Timber vanity are a hot trend this year. Timber vanities fits well with neutral tile shades to create a statement.

Genuine wood vanities has gorgeous natural patterns, but consider melamine wood finishes if you are looking for a less expensive option. Melamine wood finishes are tough and sold in various tones and textures that look similar to your favourite wood finish.

Experts also advise using different types of timber in the bathroom, combining different types and grains together. Pick a feature wood and combine it with an accent.

  1. Freestanding baths

Freestanding baths will always be on trend.

It lets people luxuriate in an immersive bathing experience. You can choose from a broad variety of styles, sizes and colours, making it easy for you to find the bath that is suitable for your taste and needs.

  1. Matte finish baths and basins

2019 is the year of freestanding baths with matte finishes.

The common material for most matte basins and baths is stone with a satin matte finish. Matte finishes gives a bathroom a luxurious feel and resort-like vibe, and when the matte finish is coated, the material becomes non-porous and resistant to stain.

  1. Forest green

The most popular colour for the home and bathroom this year is forest green.

As homemakers become less averse to trying out things outside the box, they are ready to experiment with colours and search for statement, striking pieces for their bathroom.

  1. Terrazzo tiles

The Terrazzo tiles will continue to reign supreme in 2019 and into the future – if it is appropriately used. It can look very heavy when used to cover the entire bathroom.

A great way to use terrazzo tiles is to combine it with other tiles or natural materials like timber. You can also combine these materials together in other ways like adding wood panelling to disrupt tiling in fascinating angles either on the floor or wall.

  1. Brushed nickel and stainless steel taps

The perfect partner for terrazzo tiles is brushed nickel and stainless steel taps. This the raw metal look that designers are raving about. This colour tapware is being used to replace chrome and black taps and to create a more luxurious vibe.

  1. Bold wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a triumphant return! The hottest trend right now is bold patterns, loud colours and textured wallpapers, which trigger people’s inner wild child and let them have fun.

Wallpaper is a less expensive and simple way to freshen up an outdated space.

Instead of a tile splashback, use wallpaper to update the space around your vanity.

For an even adventurous look, install a feature wall or line the top third of the bathroom with a striking wallpaper. With the perfect splash-proof material, you can achieve the appearance you like without the effort of relining two times a year.

  1. Luxurious materials and high-end finishes

If you have the budget, purchase one or two pricey items to boost the luxurious feel of the general design.

Some examples of items that will significantly boost the value of your bathroom are higher quality flooring materials like genuine stone and tapware.

  1. Shaker-style cabinetry

Shaker-style cabinetry is another trend that has returned in 2019.

The elaborate style of the cabinet doors looks good on Hamptons, farmhouse or heritage-style bathrooms. An added benefit of this style of cabinetry is that it brings a contemporary spin to an outdated look.

  1. Concrete

Concrete continues to be the most popular urban industrial material out there, as you will see it widely used in floors and walls and even entire basins.

Concrete is also the perfect material for built-in shelves and hollowed-out nooks to keep towels and other accessories.