Steps to Selling Your Home

Once you’ve decided to sell your home, you can expect to spend time taking the following steps:

Step 1: Prior to listing your property for sale
• Choose an agent and appoint them by signing an agency agreement
• Discuss with your lending institution how your mortgage will be discharged (paid out)
• Arrange a contract for sale through your solicitor or conveyancer
• Decide on how your property will be sold (Auction or Private Sale)

Step 2: Listing your property for sale
• Agent receives a copy of your contract of sale from your solicitor
• Agent prepares marketing campaign & advertising materials
• Prepare your home for buyer inspections (see following page)
• Agent conducts buyer inspections and provides you with feedback
• Agent negotiates a sale between you and your buyer

Step 3: Accepting the offer
• Offer is accepted by you and agent communicates this to the buyer
• Buyer or buyer’s solicitor arranges Pest & Building Inspections
• Contracts are signed by both buyers and sellers and the buyer pays deposit to Agent
• Contracts exchanged with either a cooling-off period (5 business days) or unconditionally
• Cooling-off period ends, buyer pays balance of 10% deposit (if not already) which means you are SOLD

Step 4: Settlement of your home
• Settlement period begins (usually 42 days* from exchange date)
• Pack and organise your move
• Hand over keys to Agent and move to your new home by the settlement date

Steps to Selling Your Home

From the moment your home is launched to the market, potential purchasers will be driving by to get a first impression. Your agent will also arrange for prospective buyers to inspect your home at short notice, and you may decide to hold Open For Inspection sessions, where your home is open to the general public.

If any of these prospective buyers fall in love with your home at first sight, they may be willing to negotiate immediately. It is therefore essential that you get your property looking as attractive as possible and keep it that way while you are on the market. 

  1.  Sweep the paths, mow the lawn, prune the bushes, weed the garden, and clear papers, debris, kids’ toys, and the like from the yard, front steps, and verandah/balcony. In general, make sure the house has maximum street appeal.
  2. With a quick trip to the nursery, you can have blooming, potted plants outside your front door, and take them with you when you move!
  3. Clean the windows inside and out; make sure the paint (both exterior and interior) is not chipped or flaking.
  4. Make sure that the doorbell works. If it doesn’t, fix it!
  5. Clean, tidy up, and make attractive all rooms and furnishings, floors, walls, and ceilings. It’s especially important that the bathroom and kitchen are spotless. Also make sure hallways are clear.
  6. Organise and make free from clutter all closets, cupboards, and surfaces. Box up all but a few knick knacks and family photos, they can distract the potential buyers (use those plastic boxes such as the ones from Kmart, then you can easily identify the contents).  Specialists can get you started if you’re not sure where to start.  Contact someone like Woody from A Good Sort.
  7. Make sure that the basic appliances and fixtures work, fix leaky taps and frayed cords.
  8. Leave window shades up about halfway and turn on a few lights, so there is sufficient, but not glaring, light.
  9. Make sure the house smells good. Hide the kitty litter box and eliminate any offensive odours, whether from animals, cigarette smoke, burnt food, strong perfume, or pesticides.  Removing pets at the time of your open home and inspections will also be less of a distraction to your buyers.
  10. Put vases of flowers throughout the house, on the kitchen or dining room table, the fireplace mantel, coffee table in the living room, and other locations. Silk flower arrangements are a cost effective alternative if you don’t wish to purchase fresh flowers each fortnight.
  11. Pleasant (but unobtrusive) background music is a nice touch. Make sure there are no loud or irritating noises, such as heavy metal rock blaring from your teenager’s stereo.
  12. Take a hard look at your furniture. That faded old armchair may be better off hidden, and the room will look bigger without it. Perhaps you should consider hiring some furniture to give your home a “display” look and feel. Go to someone like Jacci at Peony and Silk Home Staging and Styling, Sarah at Plush Home or Helen at Swish Concepts for some ideas.
  13. Remember a more attractive house may mean an extra several thousand dollars in your pocket!



There are so many things to talk about and consider when you’re listing your home for sale.  From staging to improvements, then what to do about open houses, and how to make your home the most inviting it can be, there’s a lot to consider.  However, the major item of discussion is the price.  Incorrect pricing can keep your home on the market longer, because in the end you’ll probably end up selling for a lower price than you could have.

I consider the pricing decision to be one of the most important discussions I’ll have with you as a seller. Of course, I’ll do all of the quantitative and qualitative studies, gather data, and do a Comparative Market Analysis to appraise your home in the current market.  However, there are some subjective factors that enter into your decision, and I help you with those as well.

Subjective Home Buyer Considerations
In working with my buyers, I see the other side of the home sale process.  Gathering really valuable information is paramount in working with buyers, and I learn a lot about what they want.  This information helps me to compare your home to what buyers want in the way of current features.  I learn from their reactions and offers on other properties what they value the most, and what they’ll pay for certain home features and improvements.

CMA, Comparative Market Analysis
So, first I’ll do some quantitative research and a CMA and gather data on homes like yours in your area sold recently.  Next, I compare them to your home and come up with a tentative listing price based on what these other homes sold for.  Then we do another CMA, taking the data from currently listed homes, your competition.  This gives us a current look at the market and how your home compares with the competition.  This allows us to amend our tentative list price to reflect current market conditions.

Using all of this information, and my experience with sellers and buyers, I may recommend some actions on your part to enhance your home’s value to buyers.  From cleaning to staging and even some improvements, I’ll give you suggestions to increase your home’s value and cut the time its on the market.

Now that all of this data is gathered and you’ve made decisions as to what you can do to the home prior to listing, I can recommend a price that should get you a buyer and a sale in a time frame less than the average days on market for homes in the area.

Why less than average?  That’s because too many homes are overpriced, and this skews the average days on market to the high side.

The right price is the most important factor in listing a home that will sell inside your desired time frame.  Let me help you.

If you’re looking at selling in the next 6 months, we should talk now.


  • Make sure if you are moving into a new home the agent has provided you with all the keys.
  • Discontinue the electricity, water, gas, telephone, internet supply and deliveries such as newspaper, milk etc. 
  • Redirect your mail.
  • Advise everyone of your change of address including the electoral role,  RTA or equivalent for your driver’s incense and car registration, your bank, solicitor, credit card company, insurance companies, health fund, your accountant, the tax office, superannuation fund, your children’s schools, and any clubs you might belong to. 
  • Remember to tell your family and friends.

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