Tips to Renovate your Home Without Spending a Fortune

When searching for how to give your home a makeover, bear in mind that major changes don’t need to cost an arm and a leg. The key is identifying what areas need a refresh and how to spend your budget smartly.

Here are five smart, inspired and economical ways for a quick home makeover.

  1. Declutter

A space that is uncluttered looks and feels luxurious. When planning to declutter, identify which items are disrupting your home’s overall appeal. Various free-standing items overwhelms it and minimise air flow, creating a dark and tight vibe.

A useful trick is to look for sets of items, like a stack of books that are consuming the space. When you get rid of these items, you’re letting statement objects, like the couch and art, to become the main focus because the eye will automatically be drawn to them instead of the mess.

  1. New paint

A space looks crisp and clean with a fresh coat of paint. It adds gloss and personalises your home, so choose a colour you like that you can connect with emotionally.

White is still a classic and is the right setting for sharp styling and home décor. Various whites became the craze. The white that you used in 2014 is a different shade to what is currently on trend, so repainting can instantly bring your home up to date.

Another popular shade, grey, is also paving the way for more natural colours and happy hues.

According to the Dulux Colour Forecast 2020, brown is the new grey. Or more specifically, greige, a combination of grey and beige. It contrasts nicely with silky neutrals, earthy shades, and greens. These colours all look amazing in combination with a warmer white.

Makeover an outdated kitchen, laundry or bathroom with a fresh coat of paint that won’t cost an arm and a leg. You don’t have to hire a tradesperson as painting is easy to do yourself. There are formulations that are designed to be applied in only two coatings using a brush, roller or spray gun. So rejuvenating old cabinetry, benchtops or any tiled surface is so easy and simple.

  1. Switch to modern hardware

Trade in your old-fashioned fitting and give doors and outdated cabinetry a contemporary new look. It is a small detail, so it is an instant makeover that is usually overlooked. 

You don’t necessarily have to go for high-end brands. Choose styles that fit your personal taste. You can choose a hand-turned sustainable wood handle or a leather variety with modern styling. It can be whatever complements your space and fits your style.

  1. Modernise your lighting

Use statement lighting or simply change bulbs to make your home functional and mood lighting. Your home can be transformed by achieving the perfect equilibrium and functionality. With lighting, it could be as simple as changing to globes to relax the mood at roughly 2000k, or invigorating your space using a whiter light and 4000k globes.

For instant elegance, install beautiful statement lighting to the mix.

Make sure they compliment your space for visual impact. Scale is essential, so factor in your light’s size with the objects surrounding it. Do this by selecting a light a third of the size of the object nearest to it. It creates the right balance.

  1. Bring in plants

Greenery doesn’t only hide unsightly corners, it can also transform your home into an elegant environment that promotes wellness and adds vitality.

Plants soothes the soul and are important to healthy living. In addition, plants are a simple and cost-effective styling tool.

Build a garden inside your home that features texture, colour and scale. Put plants or flowers in colourful pots that are easy to move around. Seek the help of an indoor garden expert with lots of experience. This allows you the freedom to style with ease. 

And if you’re selling, using potted plants is also inexpensive as you can take them with you to your new home!!

For more makeover tips even if you are not selling, contact Annette on 0418447856 for her advise on your home.