Tips to Ready your Home for Winter Sale

Even in the cooler months of the year serious buyers are on the lookout for the right property to purchase.

Keep the following considerations in mind when you are looking to sell a property during winter:

It can be overcast during winter, so ensure that you maximise both the natural and artificial lights in your home.

Here are some tricks you can try:

  • Maximise natural light by adjusting your window furnishings.
  • Open your blinds and draw up your curtains.
  • Make sure all the ceiling lights and lamps in the house are turned on.
  • Take away all obscuring items in the house.

Clean all windows to let in more light and choose your open house times carefully, basing them around the times when more natural light is available.

Climate control
During open home inspections, make prospective buyers feel immediately comfortable by making sure they are coming into a warm, cosy home and that your home is at a comfortable temperature. 

If your home has an open pit fire, take advantage of it – it not only adds atmosphere but a roaring fire is also emotive and heats the space.

Soft furnishings
Reflect the cooler seasons by lightening up the colours of your soft furnishings. Amplifying the textures and depths of your accent colours by changing some cushion covers to maintain the warm and welcoming feeling inside your home.

In your lounge area, place textured throws and blankets.  If you have an open-plan space, create zones by adding a rug.

Drain and gutter maintenance
You don’t want your prospective buyers to see pools of water in your home. So clean all your drains and gutters to prevent storm water from collecting when it rains.

Be aware of moisture and dampness in your home as this can cause mould issues which will be a red flag for prospective buyers.

And remember, selling in winter when there is less properties on the market and less competition means there is a better chance to achieve a premium price.  Waiting until spring could mean you have less buyers wanting your property because they have more choice!

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