Tips to Prepare your Home for a Spring Sale

Brace yourself for pent-up demand if you are looking at selling your home this spring. This is because home owners believe that spring is the best time to sell and may want to make a move before home prices or interest rates increase.

There are three things that sell a home on any given season: location, condition and price. Your home may not sell if one of those three things is undesirable. However, you can always way up for a less popular location with a better price.

Sell your home this spring by following these five simple tips:

Focus on curb appeal
It only takes a buyer 27 seconds to decide whether they like your home or not. People will immediately know if something is amiss, so ensure that the first impression is a good one!

Trim trees and bushes to allow buyers to see the house. Pressure wash the driveway, front path, windows, house and patio. You should also consider cleaning and painting the front door and even your letterbox.

Reduce your possessions
Go through your furniture and closets to get rid of clutter and then make another pass through. If you have 15 coats, you have to cut it down to 2 or 3 to make your closet appear larger. Pack up all the items you want to keep and store it in an off-site pod or storage unit.

Pay attention to the senses, particularly sight and smell. If your house has dark corners, freshen and lighten up with a bright paint colour or even just a small lamp.  Be mindful of  pet odours by vacuuming regularly.  

Make pre-inspection repairs
Fix anything broken that you know a building inspector would find. Best idea is to have your own report done prior to listing your home on the market.

Attach the right price
Generally speaking, home values are increasing in Newcastle. Sellers should compare their home with similar properties that have recently sold. Today’s buyers are smart so don’t ruin your chances of selling at a premium price by marketing you home too low and missing out on extra money or too high and scaring them off.

Enlist the help of a marketing professional
These days it is not enough to advertise your home on the internet and erect a sign out the front.  You need a marketeer to promote your property so it stands out from everyone else!

This means professional photography, floor plans, video or infomercial, brochures, social media campains and even specific choice of words that google uses to elevate your properties ‘ranking’ on the internet!

An increasing number of buyers are utilising tablets and mobile phones to look for homes, so make sure marketing materials are easily available from those devices as well.

So sit back and play my infomercials below to gain an idea of how your home could be marketed.