Tips to Attract the Right Buyers

Capturing professional-looking images of your property, advertising on the real estate websites and hiring a real estate agent – these are some of the basic steps that virtually all people follow to attract the attention of buyers when they are trying to sell their property.

But attracting buyers is different from attracting the right buyers, the ones who are seriously considering making a purchase.

Follow the tips below to help you market your property to its next new owner:

Conduct Research
Don’t assume that the people who would be attracted to your home would be someone similar to you. Be objective and identify all types of buyers.  View ‘open for inspection’ properties in the neighbourhood and see what the competition is doing.

You could also benefit from talking with real estate professionals to get their advice on your target market, as they are knowledgeable about the type of people who are keen to buy in your neighbourhood as well as the local market trends.

Marketing details
These days buyers want 5 main things when looking at properties for sale.  They want the full address, the asking price, more than 3-5 photos, floor plans with dimensions and a video (not still photos put to music).  

Buyers are time poor just like you so you need to give them what they want so they put your home on their shopping list.  The purpose of marketing your property is to attract the right buyers.  You want to avoid ‘advertising’ the home to everyone. Remember we are after your targeted market.

It is also important to consider where your home is posted and published. The bottom line is, you need to ensure that you use a combination of adverting in print and on the internet to get the highest price.  It’s imperative to make sure that your online marketing and your offline marketing is inline.  In the video above Gil Davis talks about how his research has uncovered that if you combine both print and the internet to promote and market your home, you will not only get the amount back and sell your home in a shorter time, but also sell for a higher price than if you chose not to use the combination.

For more details on how to implement a step by step process to sell your home for more, call Annette Pinkerton directly 0418 447 856 and book your free appointment.