Tips for the Perfect Home Office

The way people work has been transformed by the pandemic. Most employees are now working from home.   If you’re one of those people and don’t have a dedicated space to work, the transition might not have gone as smoothly as you’d like.  With lockdowns expected to continue and many employers realising the advantages of a work-from-home arrangement, it may take a while before we go back to the regular workplace setup.

So, how can working from home be productive?

Here are some tips to help you create the right home office space for yourself.

  1. Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is also important in your work space.

Good lighting is an important element of workplace health and safety as it helps prevent health issues such as eye strain and migraines. A study by Harvard Business Review found that 78% of employees reported that having natural light and views boosted their well-being and 70% reported increased productivity.

Set up your home office in a space with natural lighting, preferably where the light is behind or next to the computer to keep the glare away. A room facing north will let warm light during the day, which will help create a comfortable, working space.

But natural lighting may not always be achieved. In such cases, install artificial lighting such as lamps to create a well-lit work area.


  1. Appropriate Furniture

Another important element of a home office is the right furniture. While style is important, function must be the priority. Office furniture should be ergonomic to avoid needless strain on your body and to provide the best comfort to help you be productive.

Make sure your chair offers enough support for your back and that it is the right height for your desk. Or you could consider a standing desk for home workspace. Standing desks offer many benefits, including lowering blood sugar levels, risk of heart disease and improving work performance.

For small spaces, use multifunctional furniture and smart storage solutions. For example, you can use wall shelves as storage while keeping your floor free to make the room look bigger. Another is a pull-out or collapsible desk, if you don’t have an area that is dedicated as a home office.


  1. Decorate with Plants

Bringing in nature can bring life into your work space. Add a sense of well-being and make your work environment feel comfortable and relaxed with indoor plants or fresh flowers. 

Aside from looking beautiful, research shows that placing plants in the workplace lowers stress, enhances air quality and boosts productivity.

If you’re one of those without a green thumb, there are a wide variety of hard to kill plants, including aloe, echeverias, rubber plant, English ivy, spider plant, and more.


  1. Colour Selection

According to research, colour has a significant influence on productivity and can trigger various emotional responses in people. And in addition to colour, you need to consider the tonal value.

Cool white (with hints of blue) can actually make you feel cold while warm white (with hints of brown or yellow) can feel welcoming and homely.

Identify what you want to feel in your work space and search for the right colours to match it.

Here are some of the popular office colour palettes you can choose from:

  • Warm white – gives off a light and airy feeling without the cold vibe. This suits a minimalist office where there are few distractions.
  • Blue – any shade of blue brings a feeling of peace and security. This colour is perfect for Hamptons style or traditional, luxe spaces.
  • Green – if indoor plants are not sufficient to bring in nature, consider painting your walls green. It offers a revitalising and refreshing feel, which helps boost productivity.
  • Orange – an intense colour that evokes creativity. Bold and stimulating, this could be your colour if you work in the creative field.

As work from home becomes the new normal, use this chance to create a working environment that makes you feel good and brings you a sense of well-being.

Use this as a guide to help you design a home office that is both stylish and allows you to work productively and happily.