The Most Popular Paint Colours in Australia

The paint aisle at your local hardware offers hundreds of options. But there only a few that are considered the best, according to Taubmans.

Sales figures show only minimal deviations across Australian states. The selection of colour palettes is driven by factors such as environment, natural light and house styles. The Australian east coast has many similarities, but there are distinct dissimilarities that resulted in diverse outcomes.

Here are the top three colours in different Australian states:

Neutrals are a popular choice (top to bottom: crisp white,windy beach,charcoal heather,centurion,viking grey)

New South Wales (NSW)
Crisp White
Viking Grey
Windy Beach

The most popular colour in NSW is Crisp White, particularly in the coastal areas. Due to solid, beach connections, blue-tinged greys like Viking Grey and Windy Beach are really sought after.
Queensland (QLD)
Crisp White
All Black
Whisper White

Because they are used to sunshine, Queenslanders prefer stark white bases like Crisp White and Whisper White, which can counteract glare and heat during summer. All Black, a new comer in the mix, is a surprise pick for a place that has customarily liked white interiors.

Victoria (VIC)
Crisp White
All Black
Cotton Sheets

The state, a mix of old-style and ultra-modern structures, leads the opposing tones of All Black and Crisp White with the addition of a warm white, like Cotton Sheets, to counterbalance the grey skies and cool wintry season.

Most popular paint colours beyond white:

All Black
Charcoal Heather
Viking Grey

So, the final results showed that the most popular are grey and white-based colours, which combines perfectly with Nordic-inspired soft pastels and light-oak and ash-toned wood that are much preferred these days.

The popularity of outliers such as All Black can be attributed to the increased in popularity of high-contrast interiors showcasing black and white and a single accent colour, inspired by Japanese and simple art-deco designs. Another factor is the popularity of “Japandi”, which combines Japanese blacks and design style and the usefulness and lightness of Scandinavian design.

What colours are expected to become popular in the future?

Pastels are expected to grow in popularity, especially the much deeper and richer pastel hues of blues, greens, pinks and blush, due to the advance of dark wood stains such as walnut.

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