The Most Common Styling Fails You Should Avoid

So, the interior design of your home has failed to hit the desired elegance-spot because you have no professional experience. Here is what experts say about the styling habits that you must break in order to achieve a beautiful home.

  1. Clutter

Reducing surplus furniture can instantly improve many homes. You don’t need to hang artworks on every wall or place a piece of furniture in front of it. You also don’t need to have a décor item on every surface or tabletop.  Decluttering creates negative space, which lets the eye have a place to rest and give your home space to breathe. Imagine your home without so much furniture and knick knacks and how fantastic it would look with less clutter in it.

  1. Too hip

Don’t get easily carried away by the latest trends and rush out to buy without giving it thorough consideration. Always remember that the bones of the space dictate the styling.  Use a mood board to guide your styling process, including the choice of your colour palette throughout the space. Select a major piece, like a rug or bedspread, to connect all these colours. Get your décor items and play with the décor and space while maintaining a simple and restrained palette and never forget to add textures and layers. Remember that less is more.

  1. Small rug

Size is important in the matter of buying a floor rug. With small rugs, the eye is drawn inward and the room looks smaller.  To avoid this, make sure your furniture sits on your rug or at least the front feet of the furniture does. With big rugs, your eyes look outward and a room feels bigger.

     4. No restraint

A common decorating mistake is over or under-styling.  Solution? Keep it simple and edit!  Practice restraint as less is always more. Keep to a timeless and classic style, and purchase only the things that you like. And, don’t fall for fads and passing trends.

    5. Forgetting about your individual style

It’s alright to take from outside influences, but be careful that they don’t overshadow your personal style. It is essential to discover a balance between getting ideas from others and your individual sense of style.  One way to do this is to collect pictures and items that showcase your personal style and states. You can do this through a scrapbook, a pile of textile, a Pinterest board, or magazine cut-outs. It should reveal who you are and give you a pictorial guide to use.

  1. One-stop shop

Filling up a space where all the furniture and décor items are purchased from the same store is one of biggest styling no-no. The space looks contrived, uninspired and more often showcases a hot trend that will ultimately go out of style.  Experts recommend against playing it safe, and let your home showcase your individuality. Collect anything you love, from arts to objects and textiles. The hardbound coffee table books that you love to collect can be used a décor by stacking them in a pile horizontally, or placing an eye-catching deco on top of it. Use different ways to display art, you can hang them on walls or you can lean them on shelves.

  1. Poor grouping

Décor pieces and artworks that are not thoughtfully arranged look disjointed even if they look stunning separately.  To avoid bad grouping, check the height and determine a connecting theme between the objects. Group vessels, books, sculptures and plants in a cluster to create a layered look of different heights. See to it that there is a common theme with the clustering of the objects. The theme could be colour or materials such as metal, ceramic, glass or wood.

And above all, have some fun with your styling!!