The Benefits of Using Video to Advertise your Property

These days, properties for sale often have a video that prospective buyers can watch, as well as a gallery of photos. Creating a nice video to showcase your property is an effective method to stand out and grab the attention on buyers.

Here are the benefits of having a video of the property you’re selling:

Better online tour of the your property  –  Your property is available for a “visit” any day, any time, rain or shine. Buyers can virtually view the house, all its rooms and all its important features without making an appointment with the agent. They can look at the house from the comfort of their own home or office. This is especially important for buyers who can’t spare a Saturday to attend open homes, who might be working or even interstate.

A professional and lasting impression  –  A well produced video of your home will leave a positive lasting impression on potential buyers. Make sure the video captures the beautiful features of the interior and exterior of your home. In many ways, a video is better than a photograph. For one, a video can capture motion and emotion that a still image can’t. Leaves moving to the beat of the wind, waves gently crushing the shore of a beachfront property, small children happily playing in the yard –  these are images that bring out emotions in buyers and make them take a second look at a property.

For another, a video can accurately capture the distance of the living room to the dining area or where the bedrooms are located in relation to the rest of the house. This is not easily determined when you are just looking at a series of photographs.

Greater online presence  –  A video is more likely to be on the first page of Google than a website. This alone makes it more important than ever to have a video of your property uploaded and online. A real estate video will boost your listing’s online visibility, and will become more and more visible as time goes on. Having a real estate video will put your property on search engine results faster, which can traditionally take some time, and effort, to top.

Real estate videos have not been adopted by many agents in Newcastle. In fact out of those who do, most don’t even take the time to present your home and speak in the video.  If you’re shopping around for an agent make sure you choose an agent who includes videos in their marketing strategy. This is a progressive agent who is using everything at their disposal, they know and understand marketing and how Google and social media platforms work.  They know how to market your property.