Serene Shades are the Top Colour Trends for 2021

The pandemic has changed the way we see the walls of our home and as many people are continue working from home, the line separating work lives from home lives have become notably indistinct.

While you may lack the funds to undertake a total renovation involving adding a new room or a ‘She Shed” for your new home office, there are a few understated updates you can do that will make a huge difference.

Sure, your productivity might get a boost from having a brand new coffee machine, but changing the colours of your space can impact it as well.

Dulux’s Colour Forecast 2021

Staying at home for most of last year has led to people preferring their homes to echo their personalities and for it to be a haven that functions both for working/studying and relaxing.

In past years, trends had been mostly influenced by European design and architecture shows, but most of these were cancelled in 2020. This resulted in the trends being dictated by the adjustments of our homes towards new ways of living and working in one space.

Colour evokes emotions and actually helps people relate to their space. At the moment, people would like to be cheerful and secure in our homes and colours can help bring that feeling of contentment, relaxation and happiness in your home.

Consisting of three soothing patterns, the 2021 forecast is inspired by nature together with instances of stronger colour to ease the mood and improve our outlook.

Retreat Palette

This palette comprises warm whites, brown-based neutrals and dusty blues that evoke a feeling of soft luxury, together with vintage-inspired shades of burgundy and deep ocean blue.

Nourish Palette

This palette depicts our rejuvenated enjoyment of natural beauty, with mellow, buff neutrals and bits of tan, soft olive and muted ochre.

Natural shades sooth and can bring out a sense of being more grounded and safe. These subdued shades, with an earthy undertone, are super calming and takes us back to our natural surroundings and can bring a feeling of harmony and peace.

Reset Palette

This is an inspiring and positive range of stirring and more upbeat colours; lush blues and coral, warm rust and lively mash-ups of pink and terracotta suggest a 1970s nostalgia and bring about recollections of travel and fun.

Starting your Colour Journey

If you’re having a hard time relaxing after a hectic day, colour can help you differentiate spaces, particularly if you work from home and prefer to have a distinctive vibe between your work area and relaxing spaces.

Where is the ideal area to start your colour journey?

Start in the master bedroom by creating a feature behind your bed. To create a lovely, moody vibe, use a deeper or darker tone and combine this with lighter bed linens and accessories.

You can also start in your home office or study area. Colours will help you feel motivated and give you a reminder that this is a working space. Start with a mid-tone or deeper tone.

To improve your mood, you can paint your front door in a bold or dark tone.

These are simple ways to introduce colour and personality into your home and separate your home from that of your neighbours. Colours reflect you and the people who reside in your home, so make it exciting and keep in mind that it’s just paint and it is not permanent.

For more inspiration on colour palettes visit my Colour Combinations board at Pinterest.