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Increase Your Home’s Liveability With These 5 Practical Features

When constructing your new home, you need to include features that boost liveability.  This can be achieved by simply answering this question: “What can I add to help improve my daily life?”   Life has changed with COVID-19, with people now spending so much of their time at home. This makes it all the more […]

Newsletter July 2021, Issue No. 4

Newsletter July 2021, Issue No. 4  

Housing deadlock – Limited listings as home owners won’t sell if they can’t buy

It’s a deadlock! Housing markets across the country have almost ground to a standstill with the number of new listings being put up for sale in a slump and mostly because vendors fear that they won’t be able to find anything to buy. Many sellers are also reluctant to put their homes on the market […]

Tips for Choosing a Home with Good Resale Value

The surest way for homeowners to be able to maximise their resale value by purchasing the right property to start with. Buyers can be particular and if a home only attracts a small number of people, it may stay on the market or get a lower price than similar homes. Without a major improvement to […]

Survey Says: It’s a Buy Market Despite Record Property Price Hikes

According to two in five Australians, now is a good time to buy property, despite record-high buyer competition and prices. The number of Aussies polled in a recent survey who believed it was a good time to buy was higher than those who doubt that it’s a good time to buy. The Edentify survey commissioned […]

Here Are 7 Tips for Finding the Right Property Manager

  When you have spent practically all your life savings to buy an investment property, you’d want to make sure it will be professionally managed to maximise returns and minimise stress. You have the choice of managing your rental property yourself, but a lot of investors choose to hire a professional property manager. How do […]

Will the Federal Budget 2021 Help With Housing Costs?

The priority items in the budget wish list of housing specialists include a major social housing build, an increase in rent aid, and more efforts on energy efficiency. However, they are not hopeful, as recent federal budgets have taken a rather disjointed strategy in addressing the housing affordability issue. Rising Housing Costs All government departments […]

5 Home Improvements to Prepare for Winter

Some features of your home don’t have to look the same throughout the year. But actually, a few minor changes can make your home more energy-efficient, cheaper to run, and more comfy during winter. Here are 5 tips to help prepare your home for the colder months: Install block out curtains Insulation is important when […]

Increase Your Sale Price with Simple Home Updates

A complete kitchen overhaul is not needed for you to catch the eye of prospective buyers. All you need for a successful sale is cleanliness, curb appeal, and quality finishes. First impression is important What sets the expectation for the entire property is the front of the home. What makes up a first great impression […]

Are Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports Really Necessary?

Your home loan is secured, you’ve researched the market and you’ve been checking out homes. Then, you’ve finally found your dream home and are ready to purchase. But there is one remaining item: the pre-purchase inspection reports. Do you really need it, or is it an added cost that you can do without to help […]