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Newsletter May 2022, Issue No. 3

Newsletter May 2022, Issue No. 3

Paint Colour Trends for Living Rooms in 2022

For 2022, there is not one colour or shade that’s currently popular. The trend is simply towards colour in general, or just not white! The trends in home colours change in decades, not years, so it’s too soon for plain white to make a comeback.  With that said, some of the most popular colour trends […]

6 Tips to Successfully Sell your House

Who doesn’t want a successful home sale? Everyone, both experienced investors and first-time sellers aspire for great results when selling a house. Here are the things you need to consider before putting your house on the market: Hire a real estate agent One effective method of picking a real estate agent is by attending open […]

Finding a Community Where You Belong

It isn’t difficult to find a good place in Australia where you can build your dream home. However, a place where you live is not the same as a place where you feel you belong. How do you know that a place is where you will feel at home? If you are buying a house, […]

What is the Right Time to Sell in 2022?

The January to June period of 2022 will be a little bit out of the ordinary as a number of calendar events in Australia will be impacting market activity. These events include the Easter long weekend (April 15-18) and the school holidays (April 11-15). In addition, Anzac Day falls on a Monday in 2022, so […]

Why Autumn is a Great Time To Sell

Spring is usually suggested the best time of the year to sell property. However for the past 10 years our office finds that the most and best sales are in Autumn and usually coincides with Easter. Let me explain why. Timing By the time Autumn approaches, most people are over the disruption of Christmas, New […]

Home Selling Tips: How to Set a Sale Price

With an ever changing market and a huge amount of money involved, setting a home sale price seems quite daunting. After all is said and done, the key to pricing involves supply and demand. Sellers often set their price based on the amount they need to repay debts or purchase a new home. In reality, […]

Has the Demand for Houses During the Pandemic Widened the Gap between Unit Prices?

The record real estate boom in 2021 saw prices increase nearly in all regions in Australia and while units were not excluded from the booming market, it’s the prices of houses that were mind blowing. In a span of just 12 months, house median prices soared by $214,250, exceeding $1 million. Unit prices also increased […]

Do I Need a Real Estate Agent to Sell My Home?

You consult a doctor when you have health issues. You do the same when you’re experiencing plumbing problems. So, why wouldn’t you engage a real estate agent to sell your biggest asset, your home? Real estate agents are trained to do many things for you. Here are some of the important matters they are specialised […]

Is the Property Market Cooling?

  After spectacular price increases in 2021 across most of Australia, both buyers and sellers are wondering if and when can we expect to see the market start to cool off? There are a number of key signs to look for that will indicate that the market is cooling?  Here’s what I would consider to […]