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One Agency Annette Pinkerton

Future lies with individuals, not brands!

Competition among franchises for top agents is fierce and it seems they will promise the world and then under deliver! Now more than ever franchises and independent agencies are becoming more and more irrelevant.  Especially the ones where you see two agents advertised on the one property.  In this scenario, one agent will generally be […]

Property Valuation: What is it and how do you calculate it?

In a practical sense, the value of a property is what someone is willing to pay for it. But there are times when people need a ballpark figure before beginning negotiations. A property valuation, according to the International Valuation Standards Council, is the estimated sale price “between a willing buyer and a willing seller in […]

Newsletter #2 – 2020

The Hottest Indoor Plant Trends in 2020

A new year accompanies a whole wave of new trends. Together with design and fashion, the growing popularity of plants means green thumbs have gained themselves a trend guide for 2020. To come up with the first of such report in Australia, nine experts, 20 nursery owners and 1500 Australians were consulted by Plant Life […]

What Happens Once You Accept an Offer?

You had been patient as your home went through open inspections, faced a hard bargaining, and finally determined which furniture you want to keep and what to donate. But what really happens once you have accepted an offer? There are three main processes you need to undergo to complete the sale of your home: Exchange […]

Why Buy and Invest in Australian Homes?

The property market in Australia continues on its upward trend today especially in the Sydney and Melbourne markets as well as our own in Newcastle. In Brisbane and other cities, the situation has stabilised.  Evidence shows the housing turnover is increasing. Based on these conditions, is it safe to say it is the right time […]

Housing Affordability Worries Remain in 2020

According to CoreLogic’s national home value index, home values rise through December 2019, cap-ping off a solid ending to the real estate market for the calendar year. This minimal rebound in dwelling prices indicates home owners are becoming richer, which may also assist in paying for household expenses. On the other hand, housing affordability is […]

Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year is…?

For all the interior lovers out there, the Pantone Colour Institute has announced its 2020 colour of the year. And it is: Classic Blue! According to Pantone, the leading forecaster of worldwide colour trends, the classic blue colour will be everywhere in 2020. This is what the global authority for colour and communication and inspiration […]

5 Home Features that Seldom Add Value When You Sell

A rule of thumb that you should aim to achieve when renovating is to add three dollars back from every dollar you spend. This three-dollar-for-one rule instantly manifests if the money and time you had invested was worth it. So if you want to add dollars to your home’s final sale price, you need to […]

Bridesmaid Suburb: Your Alternative When Priced Out of your Dream Suburb

Is your heart set on living in a specific suburb? Maybe it’s a short distance from your work, you grew up in the area, you want access to a particular school there, or you really like the homes there. Home prices increase due to buyer demand in popular suburb pockets. It means the hope of […]