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Home Buyers Tips for Property Settlement

Sure, it can be so much fun searching and going to inspections, but it is doubtful whether you can find a buyer who can say that they like the protracted negotiations and chaotic back-and-forth’s – and mean it! Property settlement is the long-awaited culmination of a property transaction, when the home you have long wanted […]

Tips to Find the Right Agent to Sell Your Home

When you are selling your home, you need to have a real estate agent to help you get the highest possible sale price, in the best possible way. Q: Why is it important to choose the right agent to sell your home? A: It is important on several levels, especially when the market is slightly […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Landlord

There are many benefits to being a landlord, but the truth is there are also drawbacks that you need to consider. Benefits of being a landlord Additional income One of the best benefits of owning investment properties is the rental income. If the rental income is higher than the property’s holding outlays, such as insurance, […]

Tips for Cleaning and Sanitising your Home Amid COVID

Cleaning companies are enjoying a surge in requests for sanitising services, with homeowners and businesses making efforts to keep their surroundings free of germs. However, bringing a professional cleaner into your home may not be an option for everyone, so here are some tips from Safe Work Australia on how to DIY clean and disinfect […]

Tips to Avoid the Most Expensive Household Hazards and Insurance Claims During Winter

Winter blues and winter hazards around the home usually come hand in hand. They sneak up on us like the cold and you can become vulnerable when you are not protected by your home and contents insurance. There are two common and expensive insurance claims that, during winter, home owners should be especially aware of. […]

What Things Should First-Home Buyers Watch for Right Now?

It is no surprise that many first-home buyers keeping up-to-date with the latest real estate news are experiencing a fear of missing out. Interest rates are at a record low, controls on public auctions have been relaxed, and the prices of some homes have been reduced. These conditions may benefit first-home buyers, however, the number […]

Tips for Home Sellers Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

The current COVID-19 crisis can be compared, in some aspects, to past economic crises, like the Global Financial Crisis in 2007. However, what we are experiencing now is very much a first. For the real estate market, what is important is how to overcome the uncertainty some people are experiencing due to COVID-19.  There have […]


Put your Home on Centre Stage Through Home Styling

A selling method that vendors use to achieve a faster sale, lessen price cuts and drive up values is property styling, or home styling. Developers, agents and retail stores like Ikea and Freedom use it. “Home Staging” is tantamount to merchandising. It involves styling a space to emotionally attract a target audience to eventually realise […]

Buying a home during COVID-19

There’s no doubt it’s an unusual time during this global coronavirus pandemic. But, fortunately, we can find some positives in buying property! Almost everyone suspected that buying a property while in isolation would be almost impossible however, at the end of the day, we all need a place to live. So while some buyers probably […]

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