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Selling Your Property: What You Need to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Selling your home is no different from the home-buying process in that you need to ask a lot of questions from your real estate agent. Selling your home is not something that you do often and with frequent changes in the property market, so ask as many questions as you like to help you prepare […]

Increase in Boomerang Homes Seen During Covid-19

The number of “under offer” listings being readvertised is rising, according to data compiled by The trend is driving speculations that deals are failing due to stricter lending restrictions by the banks and hesitation by home buyers. The number of boomerang homes across Australia, or those properties going back to the market after having […]

Newsletter #5 – 2020

Newsletter September 2020, Issue 5

Add Style to Your Home with These 26 Simple Ways

Balancing functionality, coziness and style seems challenging when it comes to decorating your home. Regardless of the amount of money we spend on good furniture, there seems to be something lacking in the rooms and don’t look like the perfect spaces that appear in magazines. Sometimes a few small tricks that only need a little […]

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Planning to Sell a Rental Property with Tenants? Here Is What You Need to Know

If you are a landlord selling your rental property, it could be made complicated if it is presently occupied by tenants. Having people living in the house while conducting open inspections doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker, but there are a few important things you have to be cautious of so as to avoid problems. […]

Be Careful About Buying Property Without Seeing It

Thanks to the Internet where you can find all relevant tools, including videos and research data, purchasing property without seeing it is something fairly easy to do. However, real estate agents are warning people about this, especially if you will live in the home. On the plus side, purchasing sight unseen considerably helps in minimising […]

Slash on Stamp Duty Seen as Big Boost for First Home Buyers and Construction Industry

First home buyers and the construction sector will be major beneficiaries under a targeted boost, which will end stamp duty on newly-constructed homes under $800,000 and cut thousands of dollars for homes up to $1 million. According to Premier Gladys Berejiklian, the adjustment to stamp duty limits would also boost new home construction and create […]

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Make Your Room Look Expensive with These 6 Ideas

When it comes to elevating the interiors of your home, the simplest approach for this is to use rich finishes and textures that will immediately bring a little wow-factor to any space. From a touch of brass or copper, or tactile textures like velvets and linen, you don’t need to buy big-ticket items to bring […]

Think You Know What Buyers Want? Identify Their Non-Negotiables

Each property and buyer is different, but most buyers across Australia require similar non-negotiables. Some buyers might be prepared to bargain with regards to the size of bedrooms or forego an outdoor area, but universal “must-haves”, such as curb appeal, a second toilet, natural light, privacy and lots of storage provide a starting point for […]

What to Expect in Open House Inspections?

An open house is an exciting event whether you are a seller or a buyer. If you are selling, an open house is the chance for you to showcase your property to prospective buyers, and hopefully close a sale. If you’re a buyer, you are searching for a property that you can inspect, with the […]