Real Estate Advertising Schedule: What is it and Why Sellers Need it?

A comprehensive online advertising schedule must be included in a seller’s marketing campaign and with 88% of buyers turning to the internet to search property it’s important to get it right the first time. 

Your buyers want as much information as possible and if you want to reach the highest possible number of prospective buyers then you need to give it to them.  Failing to do so could have your best buyer skipping your property altogether. 

Also worth noting, advertising online via popular real estate sites offer overwhelming advantages, but still agents frequently offer a marketing schedule that fail to capitalise on most of these opportunities.  This is why it’s crucial to get as much information as you can from your agent about the marketing process, so you know exactly where your home will be advertised and what media platforms will be used.  It’s imperative that your agent understands how to identify and target the best buyers and design a marketing campaign that attracts them.

Ask and be informed about what happens next when your listing has been running for a few weeks.  Find out the buyers statistics regarding your home, so you can make changes or upgrade if necessary to boost your listing to the top of the results.  A agent who is also a marketeer will know what changes to make and when to make them.

Happy Selling!