Paint Colour Trends for Living Rooms in 2022

For 2022, there is not one colour or shade that’s currently popular. The trend is simply towards colour in general, or just not white!

The trends in home colours change in decades, not years, so it’s too soon for plain white to make a comeback.  With that said, some of the most popular colour trends for living areas for 2022 are:

After a decade of “being beige”, up next is a decade of different shades of green, from the cheerful, stronger greens, to the softer colours, like eucalyptus.  One of the shades that has gained broad appeal is sage green, a light, dusty shade of green. It is the most innocuous pick for people who like colour, but is hesitant to go bold.

Gelato colours
Another trend is more pastel colours, ranging from soft to intense to more low-key. These are the colours you would usually see in Italian gelato shops. There are columns of pure, pastel colours and those faintly dustier tones. Both of these colour ranges have equal space in the market.  You can also consider a bright mango or deep coffee, then you have more subdued pistachio, banana, peach or macadamia.

Subdued Memphis Milano
Memphis Milano is a trend in the 80s, consisting of contrasting block colours in primarily geometric patterns. This style is making a comeback, but with dusty or subdued tones.  This style has many colours together that are contradictory on the colour wheel. For example, it would be common to see a lilac beside a yellow.

Here are more examples of colour wheel opposites:
Red and green
Pink and green
Blue and yellow
Blue and orange

This can be considered wild for people who are just beginning to explore colours and can be quite blunt. However, it becomes quite the opposite when combined with the trend of subdued dusty or pastel colours.

On the other hand, there is also a trend towards pairing colours that are located right next to each other in the colour wheel. For example, a lilac next to a pink.

The colours right next to each other include:
Blue and green
Pink and red
Pink and purple
Yellow and orange
Yellow and green

Again, this can be described as more light and subdued rather than bright and bold.

Cool colours
It is alright for the living area to be a little cooler in relation to colour shades. Your whole house need not be done in warm colours, or it becomes too sweet.
The disparity between faintly warmer tones in the bedroom and colour tones such as greens and blues in the living areas complements each other.

How to choose colours:
If you’re unsure which colour to pick for your home, here are tips to guide you:
1. Ask the professionals. You don’t need to pay for one because there are apps that can help you with colour selection and creation.
2. Be confident. It’s actually rare for people to paint a room and regret it after, especially if they choose soft colours and gentle tones. There is a big gap between people’s fear of colour and then how satisfied they are with the results.
3. Use samples. They are a lifesaver. Paint large squares on your wall, leave it for a few days and then make a decision.

Check out more colour combinations at my Pinterest Board.