Organise your Home Before Christmas. Here’s How

Christmas is a busy time of the year and also magical. To keep the merry side of chaotic, start on the right foot by organising your home before Christmas.

Have you ever been asked this question: “What do you want for Christmas this year?” Well, it’s a question on many people’s minds and many may be asking it right now but think about a slightly different question. Change the word “for” to the word “from” and see how your viewpoint changes: “What do you want from Christmas this year?”

The one-word replacement makes the question take on a different meaning – and one that is more important and will bring you more happiness.

As you prepare your home for Christmas, think about how you want your friends and family to feel when they come visit your house and what it is you want to get from the celebrations and get-togethers.

Even if you’re not planning to hold any get-togethers this year, think of how it would make you feel if you organise your home for the holidays. Let’s repeat the question: “What do you want from this holiday season?”

Here are some tips to help you organise your home this holiday season.

Lessen the stress

Making lists. One of the things that stress us is keeping too many things in our head. Write things down or use an app to record your list. The common lists are gift lists and party preparation lists, but also consider creating a “connect” list.  Especially this year when some may be feeling the effect of Covid-19 isolation more than yourself.

Who are the people who want to see this time of year (either face to face or via phone)?

Make sure this season doesn’t pass without you seriously considering the meaning of this month to you and who you want to get in contact with.

Holiday decluttering
Look at your home and remove any item that is no longer of use to you. The holidays are the time to give and receive gifts, but it is also the time to host friends and family.

Keep it simple
Go for just the basics. In the same manner, follow the advice “less is more” to avoid filling your home with decorations.  If you’re not planning to compete in a TV show for the best holiday lights, simply put up a few nice decorative items to focus the eye.  A home or space jam packed with Christmas decors can make you feel a little dizzy and even divert your focus away from what Christmas really means. The fewer décor items you use the easier it is to organise your home.

Avoid going overboard
Make sure your parties are manageable. You may be unable to properly interact with your guests if there are too many people in your parties and too many things to take care of.

Think about this when you’re planning your party. It is possible to host dinner for the entire week. Invite six or seven people every night for one week so you can talk to each of your guests.

But how do you do this? Cook the same meal each night. Yes, it sounds like too much work but it’s also practical. You can make some of the dishes in advance and freeze them. Then, you just heat them up for dinner. And don’t work yourself up thinking how the meal will turn out since you’ve got everything planned out.

Make it memorable for your guests
If you have people staying in your home during the holidays, do things that would make them feel content in the room where they’re going to sleep.  Envision your home as one of those luxurious hotels. What would you like to see in that room? Probably put a fluffy robe, water, chocolates, or new toiletries?  Or consider putting up framed photos of you with your guests. Set up the room in the way that would make your guest feel that you thought about them.

Make this holiday season your own
If decorating or hosting parties is too much for you, there is no stopping you from making a getaway to a beautiful beach and not telling anyone where it is exactly.

Get someone else to handle your holiday tasks. If you are leaning towards this path, then do it!

Have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year! May you be content, relaxed and a little bit organised this new year.


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