Newcastle Property Market Update November

In a recent interview on Sky News, the Director of Sales for, Steve Carroll revealed that… “January is the month with the most views on”
So if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market early in the New Year, then here’s 3 Quick Tips to help ensure that you stay ahead of the game…

1. Consider getting your Professional Twilight Photography taken during December, and preferably have photos taken without Christmas decorations because within a matter of days/weeks into the New Year your photos can loose their fresh look if there are still Christmas decorations showing.

2. Request that a copy of the Contract of Sale be prepared by your preferred Solicitor or Conveyancer at least 10 days before they close for their Christmas break.

3. If you have a swimming pool, then you’ll also need to order a Pool Certificate of Compliance or Pool Certificate of Non-Compliance. Contact Newcastle CIty Council or Lake Macuarie Council before the inspectors go on holidays and arrange to have your pool inspected as soon as possible (whether you think it complies or not), because Pool Certificates are now a compulsory part of the Contract of Sale.

Steps 2 and 3 are the easiest to do as they are just a couple of phone calls to make. But, they are also possibly the most important steps, because if you hold off requesting them until the New Year, waiting for the Solicitor/Conveyancer to get back from holidays can cause unnecessary delays to the launch of your property marketing …and it could potentially mean missing out on exposing your property to the increased number of online buyers who historically tend to look at the property websites like, etc during the ‘highly-active’ January holiday period.

How’s The Market? Buyer interest in the Newcastle & Lake Macquarie areas have remained strong during Spring with numerous properties being sold under 7 days.

Recently we saw a flouish of excited buyers with over 40 groups attending the first open home at 27 Seacourt St Dudley.  The medium property price for a 4 bedroom home in Dudley is $657,500.  We took our property to the market at $890,000 and sold it on the day of the open home (sold sticker up and taken off the internet) for $937,900.  Interestingly, according to average views to a property in Dudley are 728 compared to the state average 665.  Like the majority of our marketed properties, views to this property was well in excess of both averages.

I hope you’ve found the Newcastle Property Market Update for November helpful and insightful.  If you have any specific questions about the Newcastle Property Market answered, then just call me and ask.