Job Opportunities in Australia Rises amid Demand in Property and Construction

New job adverts on SEEK were 2.7% higher in April 2016 compared to that of April 2015 and there is no signs of a general decline in job advertising despite a slowdown in the rate of growth.

The strength of the overall labour market continues to be driven by New South Wales and Victoria, the two major state employers. Job opportunities in New South Wales rose 8.4% year on year and 4.4% in Victoria.

South Australia showed the most exciting growth in the performance of job advertising, posting its third successive growth in job adverts at 4.8%. This is a good sign, especially because it has been economically challenging for some time for the state to bring in a significant growth in labour demand.

In contrast, new job adverts in Queensland are down compared with the year-ago period. More than half of the industries in the state are exhibiting encouraging growth in the volume of new job advertising, but it is burdened by the decreases in other industries like mining, superannuation and insurance.

The weakest market is still Western Australia, with new job adverts continuing to be well under the levels reported in 2015. The state is having a hard time recovering from the gap left from the pull back in mining investment. It impacted job opportunities across nearly all industries, not only mining and resources.

Overall, the continuing growth in the labour markets is driven by real estate and construction. Throughout Australia, new adverts for real estate rose 10% and construction by 12%.

There has been a rise in demand across a lot of real estate sectors, especially leasing and property management, commercial sales, and retail and property development.

And, you only have to look to the skies in Newcastle to see 6 cranes working on new developments in our city.  Interestingly, all were reportedly completely sold ‘off the plan’ and before turning the soil.