Investors From Sydney Ordered to Stay Out of Newcastle

The introduction of the new regional permit system means that for the duration of the Greater Sydney lockdown, investors are not permitted to inspect property in Newcastle and regional NSW as of tomorrow 21 August.

Property investors have been ordered to stay out of our regions and wait –  they will not be able to exit the Greater Sydney region and enter regional NSW to inspect a property.

Residential Sydneysiders who genuinely need to find a new home to live in are allowed to travel to our region to inspect property and will be required to carry a new permit allowing them to leave the Greater Sydney lockdown region.  Those who breach the new rules risk a $3,000 on-the-spot fine.

The increased fines and police presence are to ensure people who exploit the rules are caught and punished.

There is however an exception for Central Coast buyers who are now excluded from the Greater Sydney region.   Another exception is for property investors from the Great Sydney region who need to travel to a second home located in regional NSW, but only to use it as work accommodation or if the home requires urgent maintenance and repairs.  They are allowed to apply for a permit but even then, only one person is allowed to make the trip.