Increase Your Home’s Liveability With These 5 Practical Features

When constructing your new home, you need to include features that boost liveability.  This can be achieved by simply answering this question: “What can I add to help improve my daily life?”


Life has changed with COVID-19, with people now spending so much of their time at home. This makes it all the more essential that your home functions in a way that fits your lifestyle.


Here are five simple features that can help boost your home’s liveability:

  1. A butler’s pantry

What was once a feature that is considered exclusive for the rich, a butler’s pantry is now a must-have in new homes. It has become popular because it keeps all the mess hidden and not visible and scattered in the area where all the daily activities are going on.

Many butler’s pantries include a preparation bench and storage area for food, glasses, crockery and tableware.

But the more generous setups should accommodate a dishwater, microwave, refrigerator and of course, the kitchen sink.  Otherwise it’s just a pantry!

  1. Built-on office or study corner

While 2020 pushed the work from home trend to the forefront, it has been going towards that path for several years, and many home builders have been taking this work transformation into account.

A home office, or even a study corner, has become a real need for people – with some people even going to the length of transforming their extra bedrooms back into studies.

Each person will have different needs, so for some they might install a big TV screen on the wall for Zoom meetings. Everything should be set up and ready to go, so choose built-in joinery for the workspace, shelves, access to power outlets, and abundance of natural light.

Avoid treating your home office space as an afterthought because you can make a well-designed space as a major selling point in the future.

  1. Cool storage

There are so many smart storage ideas and hacks on how to keep your things organised on the Internet. However, it is important to make sure your ideas are fit for the purpose. Don’t just install cupboards wherever there is a blank space. You don’t want future buyers to find out the linen cupboards are on the other side of the house to the laundry.

One of the items on many buyers’ checklist is additional storage in the garage. If you’ve got the space, use it.

  1. Energy efficiency

Homeowners consider sustainability as a top priority these days. According to the 2020 REA Group Property Seekers Report, 80% of buyers believe sustainable home features are essential.

One area where new home buyers can make a huge difference to their environmental footprint and their bills is energy efficiency.

Building a home involves a tick list and getting the balance right. Energy efficiency is lower with a dark roof. You can balance that out with additional windows or a ceiling fan or probably tinted windows.

There are many other energy efficient measures, including solar to lower energy consumption and bills, double-glazed windows, insulation, LED light bulbs and energy-saving appliances.

  1. Swimming pool

Australian homeowners dream of a backyard pool, but this is an extravagant feature that takes months to build – and expensive, too.

However, this is not true anymore because innovative precast concrete pools are already available in the market. This prefabricated pool can be built quickly – as it can just be craned into the backyard.  Plus with more of us working from home, the swimming pool has enjoyed popularity again!