How to: Tips to Create a Great First Impressions for your House Exteriors


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We’ve heard of the saying “First impression last.” In seconds, people can form lasting impressions of another person’s character and personality.
This saying can also be true to the exterior of your home.  With just a glance, people can spot what is wrong with the exterior of your home. Nothing should be left to chance when it comes to forming a good lasting impression on your property.Get Rid of the Eye Sores
The first order of business is to get rid of anything that is not working for the exterior. You can do this by standing a few steps from the property and turn your back on it. Then face it again and turn away again. In those few seconds of facing the property, you can easily spot what is wrong. It can be an overgrown bush, a crooked letter box, a broken window, awning or a balustrade with a wrong colour. Remove or neutralise the things or items that did not give you a good feeling or a good first impression of the property.

The Starting Point is the House Facade
Creating a great street presence starts with the house façade. Choosing the right façade can be a little daunting. However, there is no excuse for a boring façade with the many options available out there. Should you go for a face brick or a render look? Should you choose metal roofing or ceramic tiles? There are many choices and your budget and personal taste may influence your final decision.

When deciding on the colours for your exteriors take note of these facts: the roof represents about 30% of the overall look; the walls are approximately 60%; and the fascias and guttering are roughly 10%.

Tips to Make your Property More Appealing
Here are some suggestions you can discuss with your architect regarding the facade of your property:

  • A blend of finishes. Depending on location and budget, the property can feature rendered walls combined with face brick or other elements such as stacked stone or lightweight cladding.
  • Use different face bricks. This involves using a contrasting mortar to the brick colour. With this method, you can easily create a “poor man’s render look.” For example, a light coloured brick used together with a flush mortar joint finish in a similar colour will create an impression of a large single-coloured space akin to a rendered surface.
  • Feature columns. You can perk up your house by installing contrasting brick or bagged columns to the front of the house.
  • Bagging. This will create a rendering that is not only modern but can extend the life of your bricks. Slight flaws can be seen but this lighter form of rendering can look good on the right property. It is cheaper to boot.
  • Timber inserts to gables. Painted on gables are boring. Make them more interesting by using timber, aluminium panels or even Colourbond cladding.
  • External panelling. There are low-maintenance and rot-resistant products that look similar to weatherboard but are in fact a lightweight fibre cement panel. 

What about the Garden?
In your quest to create a good impression on your homes exterior, remember the garden, fencing, driveway, front door and letterbox. These areas of the house allows for another opportunity to make a “statement.” Pay particular attention to areas needing cleaning, straightening and a paint touch up.