How to – decorate with indoor plants

Decorating Your Home With Indoor Plants
Making your house more beautiful with houseplants is, as per ancient Chinese philosophy, great Feng Shui. 

 If applied well, plants can create a calming home environment, expand the oxygen levels and enhance your household not only aesthetically, but also creating a relaxing and stress free environment.
Imagine a new house with a large and empty room. It’s just waiting to be filled with your furniture, family photos and other decorations… things that make it Your Home.You can enhance and bring more life into that living space through adding a beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid or similar into the mix.outside would appear like a distant memory. Creating your own natural sanctuary inside your home is not a bad idea.Mixing vibrant and colourful houseplants is a great way to remind ourselves that winter does not last forever … although it may feel otherwise.

Top things to consider with indoor plants
Contingent upon where you live, the fundamental thought for the type of plants you pick is light.
The second should match your style. For instance, a country-style interior would typically go best with a delicate, rich foliage style of plant.Succulents are a brilliant all-rounder. These robust plants can survive on less light and water than compared to many other types of indoor plants. They are available in a great selection of colours and can easily be integrated to your house décor.If an ultra lush look is your preference, white ‘Bird of Paradise’ and small indoor palms make a fabulous choice. If placed in a beautiful pot, they can turn into a feature in their own right. It’s not uncommon for stylists and interior decorators to use these when creating house settings.Rich, large-leafed houseplants sit especially well in mid-Century styled homes. If this is your style of design, then they could be a great addition for your home.One of the best parts about using indoor plants is that you can mix your indoor style with your outdoor surroundings through consistently planting these in your adjacent garden areas.

Whatever your style and the type of plants you pick, simply make sure to treat them with the same design attention you would give remaining of your space.

Tie your pots in with your décor and don’t be afraid to use unconventional vessels to house your plants that will mix better with your general style.

Just sit back, kick your shoes off and enjoy the energy that indoor plants bring to your home.