Do I Need a Real Estate Agent to Sell My Home?

You consult a doctor when you have health issues. You do the same when you’re experiencing plumbing problems. So, why wouldn’t you engage a real estate agent to sell your biggest asset, your home?

Real estate agents are trained to do many things for you. Here are some of the important matters they are specialised in:

Presentation. Help your property get noticed among all the other properties in the market.

Marketing. Design the right marketing campaign to get the highest possible sale price for your property.

Pricing. Calculate the estimated sale price.

Communication. Make sure you are provided feedback from prospective buyers.

Buyer Engagement. Encourage buyers to push through with the sale.

Negotiation. Take care of several buyers to get the best deal for you.

Strategy. Conceive an atmosphere that will generate the highest offers.

Even more than the things stated above, real estate agents help you maximise the sale price for your home, and are usually already working with prospective buyers.

Emotions can come into play if you sell your home without an agent. Buyers may not feel comfortable dealing with you as most will be polite and not provide accurate feedback. If, for example, a buyer makes negative comments about the kitchen, you may feel upset, but an agent, who is not emotionally attached to your property, can handle the process objectively by talking about options.

To you, a real estate agent’s commission may be high, but you can count on these professionals to get the highest possible return on your property, and the results will most likely be greater than what you could have accomplished if you tried to sell your home yourself.

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