Design Tips to Make Small Kitchens Appear Bigger

Design Tips to Make Small Kitchens Appear Bigger

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the home as it is the space where meals are cooked, where family gathers to share meals, where guests are hosted and even where kids do their homework under Mom’s or Dad’s supervision. But is there something you can do if you have a small kitchen and you want it to look and feel bigger?

Here are a few tips on how to make a small kitchen appear bigger?

An effective way to maximise kitchen space is to have everything streamlined, meaning not having any item protruding into the space needlessly.

Consider neat lines and an understated look or a modest Hampton’s style of cabinetry. If you can, don’t use standard handles on doors and drawers. Go for hidden handles or no handles at all. You can also opt for shark nose handles, which function as natural finger pull out because the top of the cabinet or drawer slants downwards.

Use light colours as these helps make a space look bigger. You can also add glossy doors/drawers, but this finish suits a specific time and place – and it may go with your house or the style of your kitchen.

Make sure the colour of your kick strip is similar to those of your doors and drawers. Take it easy on using stainless steel or darker colour on the kick strip because it makes the space look smaller rather than larger.

Use the same colour for your benchtop and cabinetry to improve the illusion of space. I advise my clients to use stone, though it is more expensive than laminate, it is more durable and timeless.

Keep away from chunky-style benchtops because they take up space and diminish the perception of spaciousness. Aim for a finer, more streamline look by opting for a thinner, slimline benchtop.

It’s good to do something different with splashbacks, but if you want your space to appear bigger, your splashback should be the same colour or a shade lighter than your cabinetry and benches.

You can create contrast through the texture and shape of tiles. You can choose from many different styles including penny round, mosaic, herringbone or subway tiles. Use grout that is either of similar shade as the cabinets or the tiles.

Lighting creates warmth and makes a room look more exciting and beautiful. Connect your lighting to an item on the house to keep the flow. An example would be connecting the architectural style of the home, timber floors or tile shades.

Pendant lights normally look beautiful in a kitchen as they create a little bit of style and will help counterbalance all the neutral shades. Another way to add to the perception of space is adding lighting beneath the overhead cupboards, which helps “thrust” the wall out.

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