Boosting a Home’s Appeal with Minor Improvements


Have you ever entered a home and just feel bad energy? Sometimes the causes are obvious, like very old furniture or cracking paint, other times the reasons are not immediately visible.
For the latter, they can be addressed through Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice of putting one’s surroundings in order. It is based on qi (pronounced as ‘chi’), the energy that flows through all things.
If you are interested in pursuing Feng shui, remember that the key is finding out the age of the property, its compass directions and getting the floor plan. Here are more principles behind Feng shui:
The anti-clutter principle of Feng shui precedes the present minimalism trend by quite a few thousand years.
You can start your de-cluttering by discarding all things that you have not used in a year, along with all trash and damaged items, because these items cause ‘blockages.’  To clear out the blockages, get rid of your clutter.
Make your entrance inviting
The entrance to your home should also be clutter free, so make sure you have a place for shoes and bags.
A console table with flowers, anything attractive that draws the eyes into the home, should be placed in the foyer. In addition, mirrors are not to be directly placed opposite the front doors as this reflects energy and opportunities out of the home.
Pick the right colours
Research before you decide to paint your wall a bright colour. According to Feng shui principle, every colour is related to a one of the four elements, namely wind, earth, water and fire, and can encourage specific energies.
The colour to be avoided is red as it is not appropriate in the kitchen and bedrooms.  Feng shui experts recommend choosing neutral colours that offer accents in accord with the home. Use peaceful and relaxing colours for the bedroom.
Furniture placement should always be a consideration. Place beds, couches and other big items along solid walls, as this brings energy support. If you have several sofas in one room, arrange them in an L-shape configuration. This is more pleasant than placing them opposite each other.
Art, plants and décor
When it comes to artwork, choose pieces that look beautiful and have a good feeling.  In general, artworks that bring negative feelings should be avoided. For example, violent or sad scenes as they can arouse negative feelings in people.
Put indoor plants in your study or living area as they are linked to the active qi (yang) and produce negative ions. However, it should not be put in the bedroom because of its association with the restful qi, or yin.  Fresh flowers are encouraged in feng shui as flowers are considered as symbols of good forune. Auspicious flowers include chrysanthemum, orchids, rose, peony, carnation and lotus.

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