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8 Ways to Increase the Value of your Home

The location and size of your property will affect how much it’s worth, but there are some tips to help you boost the value of your home. Here are 8 tips to boost home value: A fresh coat of paint The easiest and least expensive way to update the look of your home while raising […]

What Does Off-Market Sale Mean?

Have you heard the word off-market listing and wondered what it means? An off-market sale means a property that is selling or has already sold with no public advertising, with real estate agents contacting interested buyers privately. Sometimes sellers choose to accept an offer without formally ‘going to the market’ and advertising on the real […]

How Do You Future Proof your First Home Purchase?

Property investment is generally regarded as long term. However, it can be tricky to purchase a first home that you won’t outgrow immediately. The not-so-easy task of saving for a deposit, the absence of equity in their current home and borrowing abilities constrained by early-career salaries indicate that future-thinking first-home buyers have to weigh what […]

Tips to Prepare your Outdoor Space for Summer

We always look forward to a change in season, particularly when it’s summer. Sunblock is used more than usual. We impulsively buy ice cream from the service station. We also stretch out in our backyard under the sun as we watch the bedsheets dry out fast. The beach and day trips are not the only […]

New Buyer Behaviors Revealed with Increase in Filtered Searches

The economic recession from the COVID-19 pandemic has caused serious restrictions in the ways people can spend their money. Because of the ‘per person square meterage’ restrictions, we can’t go out to eat or attend sporting events like we used to and the closure of domestic and international borders have made travelling challenging whereas pre-pandemic […]

Thinking of Refinancing Your Home Loan?

Please use the information contained here that is relevant to your situation and let it help you achieve the outcome you desire. As you may be aware, the home loan industry is continually evolving. This is also the case with your home loan. While your home loan may have been perfect for you a few […]