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Interior Design Tips for Spring

Spring is here. The sun is up longer, the temp is becoming hotter, temperas are getting brighter – start redesigning your home to complement your renewed outlook on life. So, what’s popular? And how do you get the vibe you want in a cost-effective way. Here are six design tips for restyling your home and […]

A Guide to Estimating your Home’s Value

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you’ll likely ask yourself, “What is the market value of my home?”  Not only will detailed property research help you to determine whether or not it is the ideal to sell, but you can meet and negotiate with real estate agents with confidence when you’ve done your homework. […]

First Home Buyers Are Buying Property Using Parental Guarantee

While most of us are staying home and spending less due to Covid-19, saving for a deposit remains one of the biggest challenges for first home buyers. This is when parental guarantee is being used for this purpose and both children and parents appear to realise the benefits. What is parental guarantee? A parental guarantee […]

Increase in Boomerang Homes Seen During Covid-19

The number of “under offer” listings being readvertised is rising, according to data compiled by realestate.com.au. The trend is driving speculations that deals are failing due to stricter lending restrictions by the banks and hesitation by home buyers. The number of boomerang homes across Australia, or those properties going back to the market after having […]

Add Style to Your Home with These 26 Simple Ways

Balancing functionality, coziness and style seems challenging when it comes to decorating your home. Regardless of the amount of money we spend on good furniture, there seems to be something lacking in the rooms and don’t look like the perfect spaces that appear in magazines. Sometimes a few small tricks that only need a little […]

Be Careful About Buying Property Without Seeing It

Thanks to the Internet where you can find all relevant tools, including videos and research data, purchasing property without seeing it is something fairly easy to do. However, real estate agents are warning people about this, especially if you will live in the home. On the plus side, purchasing sight unseen considerably helps in minimising […]