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Tips for Home Sellers Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

The current COVID-19 crisis can be compared, in some aspects, to past economic crises, like the Global Financial Crisis in 2007. However, what we are experiencing now is very much a first. For the real estate market, what is important is how to overcome the uncertainty some people are experiencing due to COVID-19.  There have […]

Put your Home on Centre Stage Through Home Styling

A selling method that vendors use to achieve a faster sale, lessen price cuts and drive up values is property styling, or home styling. Developers, agents and retail stores like Ikea and Freedom use it. “Home Staging” is tantamount to merchandising. It involves styling a space to emotionally attract a target audience to eventually realise […]

Buying a home during COVID-19

There’s no doubt it’s an unusual time during this global coronavirus pandemic. But, fortunately, we can find some positives in buying property! Almost everyone suspected that buying a property while in isolation would be almost impossible however, at the end of the day, we all need a place to live. So while some buyers probably […]

Ban Lifted on Auctions & Open Homes

    As reported last Sunday, the NSW property market will be rolling out the welcome mat from May 9th 2020 with agents  able to hold traditional property inspections and on-site auctions after a six-week limited shutdown due to COVID-19. Now as we make the move back to a more normal mode of operation Real […]

Coronavirus: How COVID-19 will impact Real Estate

From the start of my real estate career, I believed that this business should move in the direction that negates the need for a shop front or an office for agents to work out of, especially as agents spend most of their day in someone’s home either discussing coming to the market or with buyers […]

4 Important Lighting Tips to Use During Covid-19

  Looking for some lighting inspiration while working from home during Covid-19 isolation? Use these tips as a guide when redesigning your home’s lighting. Use layers Three layers of light is essential in all rooms.  Minimise wattage and size to maximise space and don’t overlook the accent layer, which helps to draw attention to the […]

Tips to Control your Emotions When Selling

It is completely normal to have an emotional connection with your home. However, you can’t afford to let feelings hold you back when you are selling your home. It doesn’t matter if you are a baby boomer downsizing, an owner-occupier upgrading or an investor aiming to profit. You must keep your feelings in check in […]

Home Buying Tips for First-Home Buyers During Covid-19

2020 was shaping to be a bumper year for property buyers due to historically low interest rates, easier-to-access credit and more properties to become available in the market.  However, with Covid-19 and isolation in full swing, we now notice fewer properties coming to the market. During this Covid-19 period, first home buyers have found that […]

Future lies with individuals, not brands!

Competition among franchises for top agents is fierce and it seems they will promise the world and then under deliver! Now more than ever franchises and independent agencies are becoming more and more irrelevant.  Especially the ones where you see two agents advertised on the one property.  In this scenario, one agent will generally be […]