Australia’s Six Property Investment Hot Spots



It seems impossible to predict, but identifying the location that will heat up next is not as hard as some people may think.

I am sure you’ve heard stories of people fortunate enough to have purchased a home at the right time at a right price and sell it for a good profit.

We wonder why we weren’t able to secure the same good fortune for ourselves. But I believe, luck is rarely the factor in making a profit from investing in property.

So, is there an effective way to identify the next so-called hot spots?  The answer is yes!!

It’s essential to look for these important factors for future growth for houses (not units):-  low vacancy rates, future housing supply, owner occupancy data, low days on market and any foreseeable infrastructure developments like expansion of shopping centres, new hospitals, new schools and even leisure parks or bike trails.

In Sydney, property specialists report that Cranebrook in Western Sydney is the next hot spot while in Newcastle it’s Kotara.

Houses in Western Sydney are regarded as sound investments due to growing infrastructure in the area including university and hospital modernisation, and the $5 billion Badgerys Creek Airport. It also has great owner occupier figures and limited housing stock.

Hotspot: Cranebrook

  • Median house price: $638,000
  • 5-year capital growth: 67.8 per cent
  • Vacancy rate: 1.6 per cent
  • Average days on market: 23


While here in Newcastle, our market is worth watching thanks to a rising population, an expanding jobs market, low vacancy rates and cheaper entry prices than Sydney.

Hotspot: Kotara

  • Median house price: $620,000
  • 5-year capital growth: 70.4 per cent
  • Vacancy rate: 1.6 per cent
  • Average days on market: 24


Two other suburbs in Newcastle worth investing in are Cardiff and Warners Bay which have experienced similar figures to those of Kotara.

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