A Simple Guide to Accessorising with Cushions

A Simple Guide to Accessorising with Cushions
A bedroom or a living room can achieve an instant makeover by adding a group of decorative cushions or luxurious throw. But serious thought should still be given on which cushions to buy and their placement on a bed or sofa. When it comes to decorating with cushions it pays to act with thought. Even the most elegant pattern will look cheap if it is a mismatch with the rest of the room or the inner filling is wrong.

Choosing your Cushions
Cushions are available in a wide variety of shapes, colours and patterns. With a plethora of choices buying the right ones may not be simple as you may think. Regardless of the style of a room or house there are certain factors to consider when accessorising with cushions.  The size of the bed or sofa/lounge, the size of the cushion, the type and quality of fabric and even the inner filling.

The Prefect Number of Cushions
Is there a perfect number of cushions you can place on your bed or sofa? Some people think that too few makes a room under styled, though this minimal approach works on certain homes excellently. Others think that too many is visually overwhelming and even hard work when removing each night to go to bed.

So, can you have too many cushions? Well, there is no right or wrong answer. The perfect number all boils down to personal taste and the “look” you are aiming for.

Getting Your Cushions Right
To successfully decorate your bedroom, living room or outdoor lounge with cushions here are some tips to consider before you start shopping.

  • More cushions are needed for larger or wider beds, so they don’t look under dressed.
  • There is a simple rule to follow to ensure that the choice of fabrics and colours for your pillows are highlighted: biggest to smallest, back to front.
  • Want more oomph? Choose decorative pillows with varying sizes, colours and textures.
  • On matter of placement, i.e. laying the cushions flat or standing them on their edge, consider the fabric they are made from. Cushions made from heavy fabrics will be able to stand on their edge better than cushions that are lighter. It is important to get this step right to avoid buying pillows that need to be constantly plumped up.
  • When aiming for a more casual look, play with colours and patterns.
  • Minimise the number of cushions, but pay attention to details, to achieve a more contemporary look. For example, a bedroom can look contemporary with just simple white linens, a beautiful throw at the end of the bed and a few plain cushions.
  • You can avoid overwhelming a room even if you use a lot of decorative cushions. You can do this by using a limited palette. 

Just remember, accessorising with cushions is an extension of personality, so have fun!

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