5 Home Improvements to Prepare for Winter

Some features of your home don’t have to look the same throughout the year. But actually, a few minor changes can make your home more energy-efficient, cheaper to run, and more comfy during winter.

Here are 5 tips to help prepare your home for the colder months:

  1. Install block out curtains

Insulation is important when getting your home ready for winter. Your window coverings have other uses other than controlling light filtration. As much as 40% of a home’s heat can escape through the windows. So, when the temperature drops outside, investing in block out curtains for added warmth is worth it.

  1. Switch bedding

We can add blankets for warmth, but do you know what the role of your bedding is?

Firstly, you probably have to change to a thicker duvet if you have been using lightweight ones during summer. Second, think about heavier quilt covers and sheets. A popular option is flannelette because of its higher thread count. However, natural fabric like linen is perfect if you want something more breathable. Just make sure you have something heavy and insulating on top like a woollen blanket.

  1. Stop draughts

While draughts around your windows can be reduced by block out curtains, you should still look for any cracks that will likely generate draughts and let heat out and cool air in.

To block draughts, you can re-caulk around windows and doors to close any gaps. Even easy and simple solutions like door snakes installed at your door to prevent air from escaping can be effective.

Another option is moveable door seals for gaps under the door. 

  1. Add a rug

If you have hard flooring, rugs add another layer of insulation. Looser weave or polyester fabric rug may be appropriate for the summer months, but consider something heavier for the colder months. Imagine it like a coat – quality materials are vital for keeping warm.

If you have reservations over new rugs – or because children or pets are keeping you from buying something expensive and harder to clean – you can opt to add an underlay to increase insulation and give a more comfortable feeling.

  1. Added padding

While it would probably not alter the temperature of your room – throws, cushions and other fabric items – can increase insulation and generate added warmth. Arranging a throw over your sofa and layering a few plush cushions will not only provide warmth but also create a warm vibe and feel to a space. Invest in wool, velvet and chunky knits to truly capture that winter atmosphere.