4 Important Lighting Tips to Use During Covid-19


Looking for some lighting inspiration while working from home during Covid-19 isolation? Use these tips as a guide when redesigning your home’s lighting.

  1. Use layers

Three layers of light is essential in all rooms.  Minimise wattage and size to maximise space and don’t overlook the accent layer, which helps to draw attention to the added details you’ve used to complete your spaces.

  1. Scale is essential

Lighting should not overwhelm a space and it also should not get lost in a space. Consider both the length and the width of the space.

  1. Focal point matters, too

Not all fixtures – lamps, sconces, chandeliers – should be of similar size because the eyes look for optical clarity. What lighting can be used as a focal point? It could be a chandelier in a big space, or a unique floor lamp or  vintage-looking sconces flanking a wall art for smaller spaces.

  1. Dimmers

Install in all rooms and with as many fixtures as you can add.  Dimmers change the mood and offset artificial light with natural light.