10 Things a Good Handyman Can Do For You When Renovating

When renovating a good handyman is paramount. When you find a good handyman they will be reliable, use their time efficiently, have a great attitude and be cost-effective.  They can also help to provide solutions you may not have thought about too!

Over the years I’ve learnt a lot from doing my own renovations, from my uncle who was a builder and I’m still learning from my positions as a sales agent and property manager too!

Here are 10 things that a good handyman will be able to do for you when renovating your investment project or home.

Tasks For Your Handyman When Renovating

  1. Carpentry
  2. Patching & painting
  3. Finishing touches both inside & out eg. rehanging curtains at the right height
  4. Installing off-the-shelf products eg. weather strips
  5. Storage renovations eg. wardrobes
  6. Implementing design ideas
  7. Replace or rehang doors including hardware
  8. Floating floors
  9. Installing technology
  10. Landscaping & fencing

These are all tasks that your handyman will be able to do that will add value to your investment or home and will increase the potential for a faster sale and at a higher sale price.

There are many more jobs a good handyman could help you with.  Do you have a trusty handyman?  What have they done for you?